Top 25 of 2016: #12 Shataan – Weigh Of The Wolf

Shataan – Weigh of the Wolf


Escape is necessary. The entrapments of our modern world seem endless. Even on “vacation” most people are still stuck in the matrix, keeping on eye on the e-mails and business calls as they flood our inbox. If someone wishes to truly leave behind the stress of modern world, they most go into the natural world. While the natural world is a source of inspiration for many great black metal bands, there is a noticeable focus on forests and mountain landscapes. On their debut full-length, Shataan set themselves apart by embodying the sound and spirit of the desert. In this vast, arid environment, Shataan craft raw, psychedelic black metal that is unlike anything else.

The first thing most are eager to discuss is the band’s use of flute. Shataan utilize flute as an integral part of their sound, not merely there to reinforce melodic content that already exists in the song. In addition, the song “Stand Apart” also features eerie and unsettling whistling, something I haven’t heard on a black metal album before. The use of wind instruments conjures images of open desert and hot winds. The guitar playing is sharp and bright like the sun, and the bass playing is highly melodic, slithering around the guitar like a snake. While this music sounds like a trip into the desert, it is also a trip into oneself. Introspection is a key aspect of this music, and from it comes the need to shed this skin, and become new. As I mentioned earlier, escape is necessary. Not just from society, but from oneself. Viewing ourselves from the outside, we are able to “Release” ourselves from whatever chains hold us to despair, and “Leaven Behind” the poisons of our past. Overall, Shataan prove to be one of the strongest of the Black Twilight Circle bands, combining the aggression and catharsis of black metal with desert psychedelia. Worship Black Twilight.



Author: enthralledinessence

I like evil riffs and pretty chords.

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