Top 25 of 2016: #13 Book Of Sand – Occult Anarchist Propaganda

Book Of Sand – Occult Anarchist Propaganda


While metal is no stranger to politics, people usually stay away from black metal bands that get political. Mostly because it’s usually some ignorant, racist, intolerant right-wing bullshit. In cases where the message is left leaning, the music usually isn’t black metal, but anarcho punk with some blast beats. Thankfully, we have bands like Book Of Sand to fill the void. A quick look at the band’s merchandise will reveal how they perfectly mix occultism and anarchist ideologies in their raw and unhinged black metal. With justice and equality as their impetus, Book of Sand’s music serves as the soundtrack to Mother Chaos’ conquest of all tyrannical government, usurping man’s throne, and claiming all humanity back into the void.

Politics aside, Book of Sand’s music should please any black metal connoisseur. Each song is a marathon of delicious, evil, frostbitten riffs that will without a doubt get stuck in your head for hours. Callous howls sound from the distance, sitting perfectly below the guitars and drums in the mix. In addition to the unyielding torrent of riffs, each song floats above a soundscape of what sounds, to me, like wind chimes and ritual bells, giving the music the pinch of mysticism all good black metal should posses. Overall, this is expertly crafted black metal, forged from the abyss, in defiance of all injustices brought forward by god and man alike.



Author: enthralledinessence

I like evil riffs and pretty chords.

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