Top 25 of 2016: #15 Krallice – Hyperion

Krallice – Hyperion
(Gilead Media)


Krallice have been on an absolutely incredible streak. In less than two years they have released 3 of their most cohesive and succinct records to date. While Ygg huur and Prelasparian are monumental efforts, chock-full of mind-bending, face-melting hyper-technical riffing of the most elite order, Hyperion is the most rewarding of the three. Spread across three tracks, Hyperion is a complete deviation in sound compared to any of their other releases. Hypnotic atmosphere is the impetus for the material here. Krallice trade virtuosic riffs for long, layered droning guitar passages. The technical emphasis lays more in the rhythmic and harmonic components of the music. Blast beats carry the song, ascending through streams of harmonized guitar and bass, flowing seamlessly through odd phrasing, changing rhythms, and short melodic motifs. While there are certainly aggressive moments on the record, the music rarely accelerates, and the songs retain the same pulse through their entirety. The meditative nature of these songs also leads to lush, mystifying drones, whether played on physical instruments or synthesizer. Overall, Hyperion proves to be one of Krallice’s most unique releases yet, proving that even at their most hypnotic and subdued, Krallice are capable of writing the some of the most engaging and fulfilling atmospheric black metal available to our ears. It’s hard to believe they recorded this in 2013 and let is sit around for almost 3 years before releasing it.



Author: enthralledinessence

I like evil riffs and pretty chords.

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