Top 25 of 2016: #18 Amygdala – Population Control

Amygdala – Population Control


I don’t want anyone else to go through this. It shouldn’t hurt to be a child“. These are the first words you will hear on Population Control, the debut album by San Antonio punkerxs Amgydala, before a hail of furious guitar, blasting drums and fervent screaming strikes. It is immediately clear that this album is going to be a deep dive into very intense and personal topics. Amygdala craft incredibly passionate and powerful hardcore/screamo with hints of metal thrown in. Shorter tracks like “Apathetic Psychoanalyst” and “These Men Aren’t Sorry” show the chops the musicians have, crafting songs that go from aggressive punk riffs and guitar sweeps to atmospheric passages that simmer in hate before a brooding end.

The vocal performance and lyrics are really what take the limelight on this record though. On top of being an incredibly emotional album with lyrics about childhood sexual abuse, this album is also incredibly political. Topics include racism, inner misogyny, privileged punks, and abandoning all patriarchy. The vocalist’s performance is one filled with a pure, passionate hate that always makes the little hairs on my arms and on the back of my neck stand up. In a world full of meaningless hardcore that puffs its chest but doesn’t stand up for any of the injustices that plague this earth, it’s invigorating to hear hardcore that takes a stand for so many marginalized peoples and has a purpose. In light of the times that face us, it’s important for punk to be this bold. Puro Pinche Amygdala!



Author: enthralledinessence

I like evil riffs and pretty chords.

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