Top 25 of 2016: #19 Ellorsith – Jérôme

Elloristh – Jérôme
(Dark Descent Records)


         Okay so this is actually a split Ellorsith did with Mannveira, but to be honest I spent most of my time only listening to the Ellorsith side. Ellorsith take their name from the Old English word “ellorsíþ”, which is a journey into the unknown, often alluding to death. This is very fitting for the concepts Ellorsith incorporate into their compelling blackened death metal compositions. While their debut demo was based on the infamous Dyatlov Pass Incident, and occasion in which a group’s disappearance is enshrouded in mystery, Jérôme is about the mystery of somebody’s appearance. Jérôme was the name given to a man who washed up on a beach in Sandy Cove, Nova Scotia. In the nearly 50 years he lived in Nova Scotia, nobody was ever able to get him to talk, so his history is still a completely unknown. From here, Ellorsith take inspiration for two tracks of unrelenting and unsettling blackened death metal.

         While Ellorsith are no strangers to violent blasts of black/death fury; angular, syncopated mid-tempo riffs are what form the frame of their compositions. An unsettling riff is introduced at the beginning of each song, and as the song goes on, the riff goes through many forms and mutations, each more disjunct and disorienting than the last. It creates the atmosphere of being lost at sea in a storm; no way to decipher which way you’re going and being bombarded by waves. Even moments of blasting black metal fury have plenty of variation. In addition to the crawling guitar riffs, the rhythm section puts on an outstanding performance. The drummer keeps things consistent with rolling double bass and aggressive blast beats, but also keeps the listener engaged with cool fills and cymbal accents all over the place. The bass player knows how to play interesting bass lines that are always melodically relevant but never stray too far from what the guitarist is doing. Overall, these are two awesome tracks that shouldn’t be ignored. I can’t wait to hear what Ellorsith have in store for a full length.




Author: enthralledinessence

I like evil riffs and pretty chords.

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